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Simon Farnaby and Craig Roberts

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Episode notes

For this episode of the BIFA Podcast the multi-talented duo of Craig Roberts and Simon Farnaby got together for a chat about the cinema experiences that formed them, and how those experiences informed their recent collaboration, The Phantom of the Open - the story of an amateur golf fanatic who manages to wangle his way into the biggest golf tournament in Britain.

Since appearing as Oliver Tate in 2010s Submarine, Craig has gone on to appear in a variety of TV and films, including Bad Neighbours, 22 Jump Street and The Fundamentals of Caring, but he’s also moved behind the camera. The Phantom of the Open is his third feature at the helm, after directing dark comedies Just Jim and Eternal Beauty in the last few years.

His latest is written by Simon Farnaby, whose unmistakable comedy performances have seen him appear in Horrible Histories, Ghosts, Yonderland and lots more, and his skills as a writer can be seen in recent british comedy favourites Mindhorn and Paddington 2.

In this conversation Craig and Simon look back at the marvel that is Christopher Reeve’s superman, how Superbad informed Submarine and they have a big, Licorice Pizza inspired love-in on the works of Paul Thomas Anderson

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