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Army of the Dead

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Episode notes

Sup peeps! It's BBP-o'clock! This week we somehow get to talking about Zack Snyder again. We're reviewing his latest offering, Army of the Dead. Is this movie more reminiscent of Uwe Boll or are we looking at a George Romero style classic? We also try and figure out what crab sticks are made of, discuss all the money that the familia is making, get excited about capas being dictated and the return of Henry Cavill's mustache. We try and figure out Netflix's algo and think about doing a TC podcast. We give Marvel some advice (they're fans of show) and end off with some useful relationship advice to Taika Waititi while wondering what the status of his oats is. Shot for listening!


00:00 It starts here

03:50 F9 has biggest opening since Covid 19 started

10:00 Highlander Reboot casts Henry Cavill

13:23 Knives out 2 casting update

16:42 Emily Blunt shoots down Fantastic Four casting rumours

19:36 Taika Waititi is potentially is in a polyamorous

23:52 It's time for a review! - The Army of the Dead

45:53 Spoilers start here




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