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One, Two... Testing One, Two. Move that speaker a bit closer there if you wanna get some surround sound brasse up in the hizzay! This week's show starts off with high aspirations and only gets worse from there. We cover a wide variety of news with some top notch tangent-sation. This includes determining the impact of temperature on testes, Japan's Olympic committee having no chill and we get the Zombie earworm in your brain. JP is bringing us a sequel to UP (or The Happening) and Ross gets tired of project management apps. Abi spends money that Ross allowed and we chat about Ross not giving Jody the movie he was supposed to give. Gremlins lead actor and Jeff Bezos are the same age and we compare Gizmo and Baby Yoda. We end off with a detailed discussion on the Faga. Is it still beloved or are they heading downhill fast? Only one way to find out ya'll! Shot for listening!


00:00 It starts here.

00:46 It really starts here.

02:06 Universal producing Dracula spin-off, Renfield.

06:32 Jordan Peele's doing another horror movie.

08:54 Ross's wife spends money.

09:26 Tomb Raider 2 is still happening.

12:06 Gremlins 3 is apparently happening.

16:52 F9 Review starts here.

39:18 Spoilers start here.




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