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Awê Personskappe! Don't call it a comeback, we're not that famous (yet). We are back though and man/woman/person have we missed ya'll! Instead of doing news this week we catch up on some movies we watched while we were gone. We're hitting you with what's good, what was meh and what you should avoid like the plague. We also prepare you for Skynet's takeover, talk about our mental health break and appreciate our jobs. We also get really mentisental and just appreciate the shit out of all (5) of our listeners. We end off with the first Marvel movie to come out in a long time, Black Widow. Is it worth the wait? Only one way to know peeps, give the episode a listen! Shot for listening


00:00 It starts here

00:49 It actually starts here

01:07 Our big return speech

05:06 Let's get into the Quick Reviews

05:19 Luca - Quick Review

07:15 The Tomorrow War - Quick Review

09:14 No Sudden Move - Quick Review

11:07 Till Death - Quick Review

12:29 Pig - Quick Review

16:28 Gunpowder Milkshake - Quick Review

18:15 Wrath of (a) Man - Quick Review

20:51 Over the Top - Bonus Quick Review

21:19 Werewolves Within - Quick Review

23:02 Infinity - Quick Review

26:29 We'll never forget, Ezra Miller is a choker

26:34 Black Widow review starts here

39:04 Spoilers start here!





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