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Awê personskappe! We're back with another smoking-hot episode. We've taken a tiny break to re-evaluate our lives but then realised it was pointless and recorded a new episode instead. This week we get sidetracked while trying to discuss the new Snyder cut trailer, a new JJAbrams Superman, huge monsters fighting, how the stock market works, The Rock's ever-changing workout regimen, facing a new Face/Off, saying goodbye to Musica, and finally, reviewing a movie about exploiting old people for financial gain, all while being hopped up on Monster & Redbull. It's good to be back. Shot for listening!
00:00 It starts here01:42 New Justice League Snyder Cut Trailer06:24 JJ Abrams to produce Superman reboot11:34 New Godzilla vs Kong images & trailers15:39 4 films based on wallstreetbets GameStop "short squeeze" in development21:04 Black Adam to start filming in April24:25 Face/Off remake in the works27:50 Musica closing down31:19 I Care A Lot review

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