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Episode notes

Hello Gentlefolk. It's quarter-past podcast time! This week we review Nobody (the movie, not a theoretical person) and let you know whether this movie is PP Liam Neeson or full on John Wick. As always we bring you all the latest movie news and trailers for the week. We somehow talk about Ross' norp preferences, get excited about the FaNine Trailer, Jody mistakes Justin Lin for James Wan and we show off how much we know about cars. We spoil the ending of Scream 5 (there are killers), De Kock spoils that he is in Spiderman 3 (including obligatory BBP tangent), talk about the Irishman's fisticuffs and Jody gets even more stuff wrong. We find time to explain NFT's, put pressure on a fellow podcaster and then get hungry. Fasten your hemp cord and hold on gently, it's about to go down. Shot for listening!


00:00 It starts here

02:38 The F9 trailer

10:06 Scream 5 has multiple scripts out with multiple endings

11:31 Spiderman 3 news

17:37 Kevin Smith releasing his latest movie as an NFT

21:45 Phoebe Waller-Bridge and Mads Mikkelson joining the cast of Indiana Jones 5.

23:28 Tasty Tenders ad

23:51 Nobody Review

31:03 Spoilers start here!

43:17 Bioscope Brasse request





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