Bioscope Brasse / MKT Oscars 2021

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Episode notes

Hello Personskappe our old friends! We've got a pod for you again. It's awards season in Hollywood and with the Oscars just around the corner the Brasse decided to give you their predictions for theĀ  main categories at the awards. Come with us as we make predictions/guesses that are for the most part informed. We badly mispronounce some names, talk about producers doing silly things with awards nominations, sprinkle in some fun facts, sagging and grandmas, lion attacks, Anthony Hopkins Hopkinsing it up, Jody hating dead people and still find time for some prime Movie Kak Talk. Shot for listening!
00:00 It starts here

04:50 Best Supporting Actor

10:39 Best Suporting Actress

16:22 Best Director

22:03 Best Actor

25:51 Best Actress

31:21 Best Picture

43:00 Oscar Shoutouts


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