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In other news.... We have an episode out today. And it's a good one! Today we bring you not One Guy, not Two Guy, but Free Guy! This episode starts at the beginning and ends at the end, with a healthy dose of top tier pod in between. The Brasse reveal their vaccination status today while bragging about being funny. We take a slow stroll down memory lane while thinking about the first IMAX Theatre at the Waterfront (anyone else remember The Serengeti movie?). Jody coughs at least twice as we remember that the only reason we're doing this show is to get free movie tickets. We try valiantly to fight for all the short kings out there even though they always lie about their height. We theorise on the next steps for the Expendables franchise, which could either involve Family or Trevett. Jody somehow forces a Stephen King reference in while talking about Scream and Abi produces the shit out of this show. Disney's fanhood of the show is established and shared and Ross get's in a humble brag. Ross also explains why the beach needs to be paved. We protect the integrity of Sister Act (High School Musical can come at us!). There's some Bond chatter (actor not money you need to buy a house) and then we get into our Free Guy review. Shot for listening!


00:00 It starts here

03:23 It really starts here

06:12 IMAX is back

09:29 Sylvester Stallone filming Expendables 4

13:58 The original Scream house is available on Air BnB

16:38 ScarJo makes a lotta money from Disney case

23:20 Sister Act 3 update

27:51 We announce who the best Bond is

32:22 Free Guy review starts here

50:57 Spoilers start here

1:09:30 Shoutouts!





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