Where should I direct my listeners to on podfollow?

On podfollow we, by default, link to Apple Podcasts for iOS users, Google Podcasts for Android users and your website for Desktop users.

We also give you the ability to re-direct any of those people to Spotify, our own player pages, a Pocketcasts page, a Podchaser page, or to pop the RSS feed.

Some users leave our defaults on, some make some changes, and others ask us, not being sure!

Firstly, there isn’t a right way to do it, everyone’s podcast is different, but here are some thoughts and suggestions.

Our general thought is that if someone clicks through a link that they should be able to listen very quickly, and then ideally subscribe so they get more episodes. We use the phrase Listen & Subscribe on the social images that we generate so that people who see the link know what’s going to happen when they click!


The vast majority of iOS users have Apple Podcasts installed on their device whether they’re podcast listeners or not. It allows them to easily listen, and as the biggest podcast app out there, if you play it by the numbers most users will be using it. We think it’s probably the most obvious place to drop iOS users.


Google Podcasts isn’t the most used of podcast apps (though we think it’s now the most popular after Apple and Spotify). The benefit of linking to it though is that nearly every Android phone has the app pre-installed as part of the core Android code. This means, again, that people can listen straight away.

A decent number of our users do change the Android link to Spotify. Listening to podcasts in Spotify is free for anyone who has the app installed on their device, and as one of the most popular apps out there, a large number of your users are likely to have it installed.

The third most popular destination to set for Android is our web player. If you’re not aware we have a simple landing page for each show – here’s one – you can access yours by adding /view/ to the end of your podfollow link (or finding it in the Dashboard). This has links to the main podcast apps and the benefit of a play button so people can listen to your latest episode, or navigate to a recent one.


We use your website, or the website you link to in your RSS feed, as the default for Desktop users. We think that people in front of a computer or laptop have a little more time, and think it’s good to send you some traffic.

However. Not all websites provide a great experience. We sometimes see that links go to production companies or a homepage where it’s difficult to find your podcast.

If this is the case for you, then our player page is perhaps a better choice as it’s a simple, lightly branded option, that gets directly into your content.

Another popular choice for Desktop is Spotify or Apple Podcasts where shows can be played directly too.

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