The BOOKOMI Podcast / 80: Sukhinder Singh Cassidy - Take Risks and Thrive (Even When You Fail)

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Episode notes

Richard Kilgarriff is sharing OMI with a leading silicon-valley executive and tech entrepreneur Sukhinder Singh Cassidy, whose journey to the billion dollar boardroom has traversed the shoulders of internet giants such as Google, Amazon and the live entertainment ticketing marketplace Stubhub, where she was president until its sale to Viagogo for $4bn in 2020. Currently chairman of The Boardlist, a premium talent market-place , Sukhinder is also a board director at, among others, Urban Outfitters. In Choose Possibility – How to Master Risk and Thrive –she invites you to reassess your relationship with risk – to replace the fear of failure with the fear of missing out and put the “all or nothing” myth of the single choice behind you for good… If you’re currently feel like you’re out of your comfort zone but you want to progress in whatever you’re doing, listen up, this one is for you.