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#50 - Soaring High, Falling Hard: The R101 Airship's Ill-Fated Journey with S. C. Gwynne

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Join us for a riveting exploration into the heart of early 20th-century aviation as we welcome author S. C. Gwynne to discuss his latest book, "His Majesty's Airship." Gwynne, transitioning from his journalistic roots at Time Magazine to the solitude of authorship, illuminates the ambitious yet disastrous story of the British Empire's R101 airship. Delving deep into the era's technological dreams and the political and military underpinnings of early aviation, Gwynne intertwines the tales of visionary figures like Ferdinand von Zeppelin with critical observations from Nevil Shute. This episode is a captivating narrative about the balance between human ambition and the sobering realities of progress, revealing the intricate web of history, ambition, and the relentless pursuit of innovation that defines our past.

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