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CATHY FITZGERALD, SHARNA JACKSON & NADIA SHIREEN: Pinch Perkins and the Midsummer Curse, The Nine Night Mystery & Grimwood - Party Animals

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Episode notes

Welcome to the latest episode of Book Worms!

To kick things off Bex chatted to Cathy Fitzgerald about Pinch Perkins and the Midsummer Curse which is about a 12-year old living in the deep of London's magical quarter but when her mum is struck by a curse she has to find a cure in a race against the clock.

She was then by joined by Sharna Jackson chatting about The Nine Night Mystery a page-turning, fast-paced, twisty murder mystery where a surprise birthday party goes horribly wrong

The third and final guest on this week's episode was Nadia Shireen on the unmissable new book in her bestselling and wildly funny illustrated comedy adventure series, Grimwood coming out next week! In Party Animals Sharon the Party Crow has lost her mojo! Three parties in one day have proved too much for Grimwood’s favourite raving resident, and now it’s up to Ted, Nancy, Willow, and the rest of the gang to help Sharon get her groove back.

That's all on this week's episode of Fun Kids Book Worms

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