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Episode notes

Welcome aboard the good ship Born Human for the very last episode of Season 1 where this week I have the privilege of sitting down with the woman who saved my own family, Domini Hooper. Domini is Mum to 3 children and an Arts Psychotherapist who runs a charity called Open Space, which has for the last 20 years been supporting postnatal mothers helping them overcome the challenges of postnatal illness. She also works with children and families looking at behavioural challenges and helping them navigate the complexities of family life.

Her journey began with her own experience and with the realisation that pregnancy wasn't what she had hoped for. The confusion and isolation she felt in having these feelings led her to search for answers and the rest as they say is history. The passion she has for helping others now is like nothing I have ever experienced, and so it was a genuine pleasure to spend some time exploring what she has learnt and the pearls of wisdom she was able to share.

It is a fascinating insight into perinatal mental health, how our experience of parenthood has changed, and understanding the stigma that still surrounds parental mental health. I couldn't think of a more appropriate way to end season 1 than with the beacon of hope that has changed the future of so many families.

It has been a true privilege to have shared all these conversations with you from Season 1 and we can't wait to share a whole load more with you in Season 2! If you have a journey you would like us to consider sharing on the podcast we would love to hear from you - e mail us at [email protected].

Stay subscribed, stay safe and we'll see you in a few months for more Born Human Podcast!

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