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What Have I Done?

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‘What Have I Done?’ is a raw and deeply personal account of Laura Dockrill's experience of postpartum psychosis. Diyora and her guests share their responses and reflections of this emotional and psychological rollercoaster through childbirth, mental health, parenthood and more. Buy the book here

Freddy McConnell (@freddymcconnell), Writer, Journalist and most notably trans dad (who gave birth to his own child), joins host of Broccoli Book Club Diyora Shadijanova (@thediyora), and Broccoli Content’s Chief Content Officer and father, Tony Phillips (@tonyphillips40) to discuss Laura Dockrill’s powerful memoir, ‘What Have I Done?’.  

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Action on Postpartum Psychosis 

Action on Postpartum Psychosis is the national charity for women and families affected by Postpartum Psychosis (PP).

Association for Post Natal Illness (APNI)

The Association for Post Natal Illness (APNI) is a leading organisation providing support to Mothers suffering from post-natal illness.