The Crappy Childhood Fairy Podcast with Anna Runkle

To Experience REAL Love, Heal the Wounds From Parents You Couldn’t Save

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Episode notes

Here’s the hard truth about the wounds of CPTSD and trauma: Some of the things you didn’t GET as a child, can’t be fixed directly. We can’t go back in time. We can’t be children again to receive the proper love and care we needed then. And we can’t save people we lost. But we CAN learn to fill our lives with love and support NOW, and start working on the triggers, and the distorted thinking, and the self-defeating behaviors that are the natural byproduct of trauma in your childhood. When you do, it changes your thinking, your relationships, and your capacity to recognize red-flag people (vs people who can truly love you back). In this video I respond to a letter from a man who is attached to a woman who keeps him at arm's length, but won't let him go.

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