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Zoe Bennett | How a Motivational Queen turned trauma into triumph

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Episode notes

Zoe Bennett’s life changed forever when her father Errol was brutally murdered in 2011.

After a long battle to achieve justice, she channelled her experiences into forging a successful career as an entrepreneur, motivational speaker, author and founder of the Multicultural Business and Community Champion (MBCC) Awards.  

In this episode of CEO Stories, the self-styled Motivational Queen shares her remarkable story with Henrietta Brealey – from her early roles working in market stalls and kebab shops, to overcoming traumas and setbacks to make it on her own in the world of business.

Zoe, who is managing director of her own firm Training Personified, also tells us about the recognition she received for inspiring disadvantaged individuals and shares her top tips for networking.

CEO Stories delves into some of the most challenging experiences our guests have faced, as well as their successes.

This episode contains references to violent crime and mental health challenges.

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