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Jason Wouhra | Continuing the legacy of a family business

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Episode notes

Jason Wouhra has a saying about family businesses – “it’s like being in the mafia – once you’re in, you can’t get out!”

Jason is the chief executive of Lioncroft Wholesale Ltd, a ‘carve-out’ of the renowned East Ends Foods brand which was started by his father and uncles in the 1960s.   

In this episode, he tells Henrietta about building on his family’s legacy by making his own mark on the business – despite initially having aspirations to be a lawyer.

It’s a career that began stacking shelves on the warehouse floor as a young boy and eventually led to him negotiating the company's sale and subsequent buy-back of the wholesale arm.

Jason also opens up about the complexities of working in a family business, the mentor who helped him find clarity regarding his career goals and what the future holds for Lioncroft Wholesale Ltd.


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