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Episode notes

Welcome to the podcast Challenges That Change Us, where we interview people who have overcome or dealt with challenges to find out how they over came them and what lessons they have learnt.

We could not possibly start this podcast with anyone more qualified to talk about this than the incredible Sarah Davidson or Spoonful of Sarah.

As a high achiever in the law profession Sarah’s life took a dramatic turn when she developed serious health complications.

Since then she has founded multiple businesses and works as an influencer, podcast host, MC and keynote speaker.

She travels all around the world but maintains her health through the lessons she learnt.

In today’s episode Sarah shares:

-      How a trip overseas left her with health issues so complicated that she almost collapsed at work months later

-      How she learnt the importance of saying ‘No’ and how she incorporated it into her life

-      The planning tip she uses to ensure she doesn’t overwhelm and overwork herself.

Key Quotes

“Gratitude can be blinding sometimes”

“My potential has very clear limits…your potential doesn’t, but your body to achieve that potential does”

“You might as well learn to use ‘no’ sparingly but well, so that you never end up in the position where it’s said for you”.

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