Challenges That Change Us / 5 {Grace Hamilton} Handling personal and professional loss

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Episode notes

In episode 5 of Challenges That Change Us we will be speaking with the incredible Grace Hamilton. Grace is an Australian Rugby union player and Captain of the Australian Women's team the Wallaroos currently playing for the NSW Waratahs and The University of Sydney.

She is the 2019 Player of the year and RUPA people's choice amongst all international teams. Hamilton juggles rugby whilst working full-time in Sport at The Scots College, Sydney.Hailing from a farm in Panuara in Country NSW, Grace Hamilton started playing Rugby on a University exchange in the USA. Growing up around Rugby with her family, Hamilton was always on the sidelines cheering her father and brother yet playing netball and doing all types of athletics. Although never thinking she would play rugby debut for the Brumbies in 2014 and joined the Sydney team later that year.


Over the past few years Grace has had to handle the truly agonising feeling of limbo, training for international events for 2 years, with no idea when she might actually play another game. This only further compounds that challenge of trying to succeed in the world of women’s competitive sport in Australia.

On top of that Grace suffered the loss of her father, the figure who inspired her and supported her through her Rugby Union journey.

Throughout the episode Grace shares:

-      How she handled the loss of her father and the surprising time it hit her the hardest

-      Her advice for how other women can succeed in international sport in Australia

-      Just how crushing it was having to train without playing and with no end in sight.

-      Her advice for how to overcome a stumble or mistake in the middle of a game

Key Quotes

“Allow yourself to get in situations where you don’t necessarily have to think about it [the loss].”

“I was probably the worst I was a year and a half later.”

“Every situation you can either make it really great or make it really bad.”

If you want to follow what Grace does you can follow her on Instagram @graciehamilton4_ or follow the Wallaroos @wallaroosrugby or head to their website

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