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28 {Rob Sams} What happens when you call lifeline?

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Episode notes

Trigger warning: this episode discusses suicide and depression.

If you are struggling, please call lifeline on 13 11 14.

After a few weeks of episodes discussing mental health and other struggles we noticed one thing that kept coming up.


But a lot of people have been asking, what actually happens when you call lifeline?

Well to clear things up and highlight how important of a service it is, this episode’s guest is Lifeline CEO Robert Sams who also works as a crisis support worker.

In today’s episode Rob shares:

-      His life journey and how it led him to lifeline

-      What happens when someone answers a call at lifeline?

-      What do you get asked when you call lifeline?

-      Who are the people who work the phones and are they trained?

-      Will the conversations be escalated or shared?

Key Quotes

“We want more thinking at the right times for the right things.”

“I think those around listening and being curious are really important to bring into the workplace.”

“This call is about you when you ring us. It’s what you want out of it.”

“Sometimes you just need the kindness of strangers, and they are the kindest of strangers.”



If you are struggling or need help you call lifeline on 13 1114.

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