Challenges That Change Us / 6 {Dylan Lewis} Moving through dark thoughts and dark times

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Episode notes

Trigger Warning: This episode contains discussions of depression, anxiety and suicide.

This may not be the right time or the right episode today. Give yourself permission to skip this episode and we will see you next week.

If you find that this material concerns you or you ever need some health, reach out to Lifeline on 13 11 14.

I also want to take a moment to acknowledge anyone who has lost someone or has ever been affected by suicide.

I also want to thank Dylan Lewis, today’s guest, for sharing his story.

In today’s episode I speak with Dylan about his personal mental health struggles , knock backs when seeking help and how it wasn’t until his second near fatal attempt to suicide that he finally got some support and the help he needed.

Dylan shares with us:

-      His views on managing mental health in combination with your whole health

-      How he personally manages the dark thoughts when they return

-      Th development of his amazing initiative Mental Mates that strives to help educate and build skills to prevent suicide.

Key Quotes

“Your mental health is about wholeness. Your whole health and wellbeing.”

“The spiralling starts before you even realise and you’re feeling like shit for no reason.”

“You need to have the guts to ask some hard questions. It’s only talking, you’re not going to make the problem worse.”

‘Once someone has talked about it once, that’s the start of the road to recovery.”

If you want to reach out to Dylan, this is still quite raw for him so we ask that you limit yourself to posting a message in our facebook group, which he will be watching

But if you want to find out more about his initiative Mental Mates, you can do so at

Or on Instagram at @mental_mates_inc

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