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Loss, love and a calling to nature: Ben Goldsmith

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Ben Goldsmith’s daughter Iris was killed in a tragic accident when she was only 15 years old. Hopeless in grief and searching for answers, he turned to nature in his darkest moments to find a way through. Ben speaks movingly about his grief for Iris, how he sought connection to her in the year after her death, and why he's hopeful that nature restoration will not only be a central part of tackling the climate crisis, but for finding solace and healing for ourselves too.


Ben Goldsmith, financier, environmentalist and author (@BenGoldsmith)

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Ben Goldsmith is the author of God Is An Octopus: Loss, Love and A Calling to Nature, published by Bloomsbury Wildlife. You can buy a copy here.

Listen to his podcast series 'Rewilding the World with Ben Goldsmith' here.

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