Cold Case Crime Cuts

EP6 - Moonlight Shadow

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Episode notes

A man is shot six times by a man (another man) on the run. But why? And who are they? And why are the trees whispering? The night is heavy and the air, unlike one of the men, is alive, as journalist (and also podcaster) Mason Lane ventures into it to uncover a mystery, a mystery in which people are dead, and where the trees have begun to sing. It’s the story of a desperate fight, a lost riddle and, possibly crucially, the silhouette of a gun.

Cold Case Crime Cuts is an original Unusual Production for Auddy

Producer and Director: Jon Holmes
Writers: Jon Holmes and Gareth Ceredig
Cast: Lance Fuller, Alexandra Metaxa, Jake Yapp, Alex Sievewright and Naomi Denny.
Executive Producers: David Tyler and Geoff Posner
Album Art: Simon Fowler and Nicole Stewart
Auddy Executive Producer, Andrew Sampson