Cold Case Crime Cuts

EP2 - Hazard

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Episode notes

An old Nebraska town. A walk down by the river. It’s an age old story: boy meets girl, girl goes missing, boy swears he left her by the river - he swears he left her safe and sound. But she’s missing all the same, so a man with a badge comes knocking next morning, and a thousand fingers start pointing the finger(s) at the boy. But what really happened? Journalist (and also podcaster) Mason Lane travels through mid-west America to Hazard, a town with prejudiced eyes.

Cold Case Crime Cuts is an original Unusual Production for Auddy

Producer and Director: Jon Holmes
Writers: Jon Holmes and Gareth Ceredig
Cast: Lance Fuller, Alexandra Metaxa, Jake Yapp, Alex Sievewright and Naomi Denny.
Executive Producers: David Tyler and Geoff Posner
Album Art: Simon Fowler and Nicole Stewart
Auddy Executive Producer, Andrew Sampson