Cold Case Crime Cuts

EP5 - In The Ghetto

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Episode notes

Chicago. A cold grey morning. A kid lies face down in an alleyway with a gun in his hand. To be clear, he’s dead, not just asleep. But what led him to here? To Chicago. To the alleyway. To his death. The first one is easy, he grew up here, in the ghetto. The second two form the mystery which journalist (and also podcaster) Mason Lane sets out to solve, as he delves beneath the underworld, into the under-underworld, of a classic crime-ridden cold case.

Cold Case Crime Cuts is an original Unusual Production for Auddy

Producer and Director: Jon Holmes
Writers: Jon Holmes and Gareth Ceredig
Cast: Lance Fuller, Alexandra Metaxa, Jake Yapp, Alex Sievewright and Naomi Denny.
Executive Producers: David Tyler and Geoff Posner
Album Art: Simon Fowler and Nicole Stewart
Auddy Executive Producer, Andrew Sampson