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The Connected Leadership Podcast: 'Leading Multiple Teams as One Organisation' Ben Brabyn

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Episode notes

Andy Lopata's guest on this week's Connected Leadership Podcast is Ben Brabyn former Royal Marine, ecosystem expert and crowdfunding pioneer. During a wide ranging and successful career, Ben developed an interest in network structures and communication between teams and internal networks. In the early days of technology and the internet he recognised the importance of connecting with a vibrant network and created the first crowdfunding platform changing methods of charity fundraising Comparing his experience in the Marines, J P Morgan and the crowdfunding platform, Andy and Ben look how networks are used in organisations. Ben emphasises the importance of listening, of access and of information within a hierarchy. There should also be support, flexibility and collaboration. This dynamic is particularly evident within the military. Leaders have the role of building communication between multiple teams, and to recognise the vital role of long-serving people who are 'the collective memory of an organisation'. Andy and Ben also discuss the problem of complex messaging. Three core principles are: network planning, messaging, incentives.