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Being Coachable with Scott Osman and Jacquelyn Lane

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Episode notes

Andy Lopata hosts Scott Osman and Jacquelyn Lane, founders of the Hundred Coaches Agency and co-authors of "Being Coachable." They explore the crucial elements of building trust, strong professional relationships and creating a coachable environment.

This episode of the Connected Leadership Podcast emphasises the "relationship-first philosophy" adopted by Scott and Jacquelyn, where building genuine connections takes precedence over completing transactions. This approach fosters a shift from a zero-sum mindset to an "infinite game" perspective, liberating them to prioritise relationships over efficiency.

Scott and Jacquelyn highlight the paramount importance of listening in building trust and rapport. They emphasise that great leaders must learn to listen deeply to gather the information they need to make effective decisions. This is facilitated by cultivating genuine curiosity, which is achieved by taking yourself out of the equation and focusing solely on the other person. This involves asking open-ended questions and providing space for the other person to share their thoughts.

Building trust, according to Scott and Jacquelyn, requires more than just competence and honesty. Demonstrating genuine goodwill towards the other person—genuinely wanting the best for them and putting their needs first—is crucial.

Andy then explores the concept of being coachable and Jacquelyn emphasises the willingness to be open to feedback, even when challenging. Scott adds that it's about recognising that there's great potential for growth beyond what you're currently doing, and a coach can help unlock that potential.

The conversation explores the leader's role in fostering a coachable culture, emphasising the importance of setting an example by embracing coaching and sharing the benefits they've experienced. This demonstrates that coaching is not a sign of weakness but a powerful tool for personal and professional development.

Scott and Jacquelyn offer practical advice, encouraging listeners to prioritise building genuine connections, cultivating deep listening, embracing curiosity, demonstrating goodwill, creating space for vulnerability, and embracing feedback as a gift. They emphasise that leaders should lead by example, demonstrating the benefits of coaching and encouraging others to embrace this powerful tool.

This episode highlights the importance of building strong relationships and creating a coachable environment. As Andy mentioned, the themes of listening, curiosity, and creating space for others are crucial for success in leadership and beyond. By putting these principles into practice, we can foster a more collaborative and impactful world.


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