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The Connected Leadership Podcast: 'Fail Fast, Learn Fast' Daniela Landherr

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Episode notes

This week's guest on The Connected Leadership Podcast joins Andy Lopata from Switzerland. Daniela Landherr is the former Head of Talent at Google. She is now an Executive Coach specialising in psychological safety at work. Daniela's perspective is that our culture should accept that failure is OK; it is something you can learn from and develop. A leader who never makes mistakes is not a good leader because this means you never take a risk. Andy and Daniela discuss Fail Fests, meetings to discuss failures in a psychologically safe space and how to learn from them. Also, how to have the difficult conversation and be open to learning. They also emphasise the importance for leaders to follow up on feedback and surveys. An interesting innovation is the 'pre-mortem', a detailed debrief before action is taken. Generational differences in attitude underline the need to shift the mindset and take away the fear of failure so that creativity and innovation can flourish.