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The Connected Leadership Podcast: 'Mergers and Aquisitions' Jennifer Fondrevay

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Episode notes

Jennifer Fondrevay known as the 'MA Whisperer', is Andy Lopata's guest on this week's Connected Leadership Podcast. She is the author of the satirical book 'NOW WHAT? A Survivors Guide for Thriving Through Mergers and Acquisitions' and advises companies on the unexpected people challenges that may arise during the process.  Jennifer outlines the stages employees may face during a merger including grief, putting a strain on relationships and uncertainty of the future. She emphasises the importance of connecting with the frontliners, listening to employees and valuing and respecting their comments. Preparation for possible challenges, transparency, understanding the culture of the companies involved can all help to move towards consensus.

The environment post-merger/acquisition is largely a question of morale; involving competition, collaboration and 'survivors guilt'.