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Round 12 - F1 French GP Race Review 2022

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This week, Oli is joined by Abby and Catherine to discuss the potentially last French Grand Prix.

The trio discuss Ferrari, who looked to have a strong weekend but was all ruined by Charles Leclerc’s crash. They discuss who was truly at fault, Mattia Binotto’s team or the 24-year-old’s? They also point out the strategists’ confusion which caused Carlos Sainz a podium finish after he made a spectacular comeback from the back of the grid.

They go on to compare the Lewis vs Max rivalry to that compared to Max vs Charles this year. Mercedes are not at the top of their game but they seem to be turning up the heat on Ferrari and Red Bull, especially after a double podium finish thanks to Lewis Hamilton and George Russell with a slight push from Toto Wolff.

Finally, what happened to Sergio Perez this weekend, was the team to blame for his finishing position? And how about Daniel Ricciardo? Is he demanding too much from McLaren, who seem to have been working just fine with youngster Lando Norris?

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