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Round 11 - F1 Austrian GP Race Review 2022 + News From The Nerds

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On this week’s podcast, it’s a two part special with Cut to the Race: Austrian Grand Prix Review and News from the Nerds, brought to you by Oli, James and Abby.


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Cut to the Race: Austrian Grand Prix The Austrian Grand Prix saw the second Sprint Race of the season following some shock qualifying results on the Friday. The panel talk about Mercedes’ unfortunate Q3, the controversy surrounding Sergio Perez and Haas’ formidable qualifying times.Mixed views are shared about the Sprint Race that saw Max Verstappen sprint to victory after the two Ferrari’s battled each other. Moving onto the race, the panel discuss the some of the crazy battles, involving five cars, a Red Bull vs Mercedes that resulted in a penalty and Hamilton vs Schumacher.


Moving on, the panel bring you news on:Masi Breaks the Silence: Michael Masi has released a statement about his departure of from the FIA. The panel discuss their views on the former Race Director’s departure.


Movement at McLaren: Daniel Ricciardo confirmed his future as McLaren announce a new signing of Alex Palou to their roster. The panel discuss Ricciardo’s contract with the team and potential drivers who could join McLaren in the future.


Fan Behaviour at Austria: The Austrian Grand Prix saw a lot of horrific reports about fan behaviour involving racism, homophobia and sexual harassment. The trio discuss the events and what F1 could do to tackle these issues.


South Africa to Join the Calendar: Rumours of South Africa joining the F1 calendar have all but nearly been confirmed. Motor Magnet gave FormulaNerds an exclusive and the panel discuss the potential addition.


Silly Season is Starting: Talks about future driver line-ups have begun, with Ted Kravtiz letting slip Oscar Piastri could join McLaren. Comments from Toto Wolff have spurred rumours about Charles Leclerc moving to Mercedes and Sebastian Vettel has hinted he could retire soon. The trio discuss all the chatter in the paddock.


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