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Round 13 - F1 Hungarian GP Race Review 2022

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Episode notes

This week on the Cut to the Race Podcast, Oli is joined by Dalila and Sam, as the trio review, dissect and analyse the 2022 Hungarian Grand Prix and its surrounding events.

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In the show, the panel covers:

The retirement of a much-loved legend of the sport. They discuss his career and advocacy, as well as looking back on how he came to be the icon he is today.

Dalila and Sam share stories from their weekend’s trackside, with Dalila covering W Series in Hungary and Sam at the London E-Prix.

What will surely become one of the classic drives of Max Verstappen’s career, as he spins and wins in style. Was this the Dutchman’s best drive yet?

The continued slow implosion at their title rivals, who are looking more and more like finishing third in a two-horse race. Together, the team discuss whether Binotto is a dead man walking or if he’s the right man for the job at Maranello.

An extended anthem review, with a look ahead to the always popular Italian national anthem when F1 gets to Monza in September.

The clash of Alpines, with Alonso shocked at his teammates driving standards. Was the writing on the wall for the hot-headed Spaniard and his French team?

Are Mercedes back, or was Hungary another false dawn? A difficult Friday made way for a triumphant Saturday for Mr Saturday and a remarkable recovery drive from Lewis Hamilton on Sunday.

The awful behaviour of some fans at the Hungarian Grand Prix, and what the sports needs to do about it to stamp out abusive and unacceptable actions.

And finally, how the podcasters can keep themselves busy during the summer break with no races to review.

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