2 [Votiro] How hackers use weaponised documents to attack you

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Episode notes

Have you ever posted an open position on your website or linkedin? Have you or your employees ever received resumes in a pdf format via email or message services? 

By pretending to be an applicant for your job advertisement  or application, hackers  send you a pdf that can contain malware and hack your system via a malicious document or pdf. 

In today’s episode of Cybersquawk we’ll be talking to Aviv Grafi, a former Israeli offensive and the co-founder of Votiro, an award-winning cybersecurity company.

Votiro technology removes human error risk and uses a secure file gateway technology to clean all files incoming and replicate them safely so that people and companies can open everything stress and threat free without interruption to everyday business.  

Aviv Grafi, believes why no one is safe from weaponised files and through Votiro he protects organisations and individuals from falling into a phishing attack. With an Israeli Intelligence background and years of experience as a ‘white hat hacker’, Aviv and Votiro aim to ensure every business is security enabled without interruption to everyday processes.

In this episode Aviv shares:

  • His background in offensive, disrupting the cybersphere
  • How anyone can be hacked via a weaponised document
  • The very common weaponised document that most companies would not be prepared for
  • Real life examples of a company getting attacked by an attack email document
  • Their technology and how it solves human selection error from phishing attacks
  • If he is seeing an increase in weaponised documents

Key Quotes

“One thing I was doing after sitting with clients was showing them how I could hack them.”

“There is a constant tension between security and productivity.”

“We believe that every security needs to be a business enabler and not a restrictive security.”

“Security by itself is it’s too restrictive, no one would use it.”

“Let’s not try to find the bad stuff because that’s doomed to fail…let’s just deliver safe content.”

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