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What's Your Grief? Community & Coping Strategies; with Litsa Williams

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Episode notes

Welcome to the LAST episode of this mini series of the Dead Parent Club Podcast.. before Kat has her baby VERY soon!

In this episode we're chatting with one of the dedicated founders of What’s Your Grief, a grief support network and website that serves circa 5 million people per year. It’s truly an incredible resource for the grieving community. Litsa shares her grief story, the creation of What’s Your Grief, the positives and pitfalls of running a grief community, her experience as a mental health professional, how different causes of deaths are approached differently and debunking grief myths e.g. coping strategies and having to ‘talk’ to process your grief. We discovered there’s a myriad of ways to navigate and process loss, and it was a super interesting conversation to have!

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