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I realised what was really important: Amy Voce

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Episode notes

This week we're joined by presenter and podcaster Amy Voce, who now has a beautiful 3 month old daughter that she was pregnant with when we first recorded this episode earlier this year.

Amy's dad was a pilot and was a much-loved father of her and her three siblings. In this episode, Amy shares her dad's story, including how the day he was given 2 years to live turned her and her family's world upside down.

She shares:

  • How her father and the rest of her family dealt with her dad's prognosis
  • What those days are really like before somebody passes and the laughs, tears and emotions you share
  • How sometimes your siblings can be the source of strength you need when you're grieving
  • The complexities of your parents no longer being together, and watching your surviving parent grieve their own loss
  • Knowing that time is a healer and gaining perspective
  • Approaching motherhood

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