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Diving deep into grief dreams; with Dr Joshua Black

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Episode notes

This week our guest is Dr Joshua Black, a leading academic researcher in grief dreams. 

Josh began his research after realising that there’s not a lot of talk on the subject - despite so many of us experiencing grief-related dreams - and wanted to raise awareness of it. 

Grief dreams are something that impact so many of us. Some of us worry that we don’t dream about them at all, some of us have happy dreams and others have triggering ones. 

We’ve answered some of the questions you - our listeners - submitted for this ep and spoke about the below:

  • How he got into analysing dreams 
  • Sharing our own experiences of grief dreams and figuring out why we have the ones we do 
  • How you can analyse your own dreams 
  • How you can remember more of your dreams 
  • How sometimes they can be used to support us through our grief journey 
  • Working with nightmares

And much more!

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