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Dr Mauricio Hoyas-Padilla on that time he got DEEP with sharks, and Mark Evans on not giving in to peer pressure

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Episode notes

Welcome to Season 4 of the DeeperBlue Podcast!  In episode 5 you can look forward to: 

  • The latest scuba diving, freediving, ocean, and diving travel news that has happened in the last week from around the world underwater with producer Jason Elias and co-host Mehgan Heany-Grier .
  • Then co-host Linden Wolbert speaks with Dr. Mauricio Hoyos Padilla is a world-renowned shark expert.  Linden finds out which shark is his favorite, what drives his passion and that time he got DEEP with sharks.
  • We then hear a top tip from journalist and Scuba Diver Magazine publisher Mark Evans.
  • And then finally we hear a listener-submitted Best Dive Ever from Sammy Kildegaard on diving with whales.

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Season 4 of the DeeperBlue Podcast is brought to you by Suunto.  Finnish engineering pioneering adventure from mountain top to ocean floor since 1936.

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