FATHOM E10 - All Great Things

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Episode notes

The season finale of FATHOM. Deals are struck. Sacrifices are made. Choices become permanent. Some doors should never be opened...

FATHOM is created, written, and directed by J. Barton Mitchell; produced by Elizabeth Laidlaw, Kirsten Rudberg and Thomas Barker; features original music by Luke Atencio, Ryan Taubert, Bytheway-May, David A. Molina, and Zachary David; sound design and editing by J. Barton Mitchell; additional sound design by Music Radio Creative.  Cast: Elizabeth Laidlaw - EVA GRAFF, Michael Mau - BLAYNE, Dani Payne - SARAH KLAYTON, Danny Doyle - FRANCIS DORIAN, Priscilla Ferguson-Wagstaffe - OPERATOR, Nate Santana - STRIKE TEAM LEAD, Casey Hoekstra - PROJECT LEAD, Caroline Chu - CONTAINMENT LEAD, LaShawn Banks - FUSION LEAD.