FATHOM E7 - Into the Dark

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Episode notes

Agent Blayne and Sarah Klayton have survived their ordeal on Fathom North...only to be stranded, yet again, on the ocean bottom, by a strange, violent water displacement. With time running out, and assistance from survivors on the West Platform, they set out for Fathom South, which has somehow mysteriously regained power. Their plan is to use the Relay to contact the surface for help...unaware, all the while, that the impossible has happened. 

The Vault has been opened... 

And the horrific reality of its contents may spell doom not just for them...but for the entire world.

FATHOM is created, written, and directed by J. Barton Mitchell; produced by Elizabeth Laidlaw, Kirsten Rudberg and Thomas Barker; features original music by Makeup and Vanity Set, Luke Atencio, Ryan Taubert, and Chris Coleman; sound design and editing by J. Barton Mitchell; additional sound design by Music Radio Creative.  Cast: Michael Mau - BLAYNE; Dani Payne - SARAH KLAYTON;  Brian Grey - REESE; Nina Ganet - FRITZ; Jonathan Olivares - ALVAREZ; Michelle Campbell - VALARIE BLAYNE.