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EP 137: Mavis Machirori on promoting equity, diversity, and social justice in genomics research

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Episode notes

0:00 Intro

1:30 Mavis’ career arc, from starting as a midwife to researching medical innovation and technology with an emphasis on advocacy and equity

7:00 Systemic issues that are easily overlooked in medical research and advancements

10:00 Addressing Eurocentricity in genetics research

14:30 Creating a playbook for community- and equity-centred research practices

18:30 Groups in the US and the UK that promote community-driven research 

21:30 Mavis’ 2022 publication in Nature Reviews Genomics

27:30 Contemplating the design of a genomics research project in Zimbabwe

29:00 How researchers can best elucidate the full value of cultural, ethnic, and racial differences in genomics studies 

35:30 Setting a mission to provide genomics research for the world

40:00 Mavis’ current work and what she’s excited to pursue in the future

42:00 Closing remarks

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