The Genetics Podcast

EP 134: Prenatal genetic testing and the future of AI in genetic counselling with Kira Dineen, host of DNA Today

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Episode notes

0:00 Introduction

1:00 The backstory of how Kira first started DNA Today in 2012, when she was still in high school!

3:30 Some of Kira’s favourite topics she has discussed on DNA Today, including the legacy of Henrietta Lacks, and the story of a Glee actress with down syndrome

10:00 Kira’s best practices for podcasting, from over 10 years of experience

14:45 Kira’s decision to work in prenatal genetic counselling and how the podcast helped inform her career choice

19:00 The process of prenatal genetic testing 

25:00 The reliability of various forms of prenatal testing, especially variations of blood draws

27:40 The potential for using chatbots and AI in genetic counselling

35:30 Up-and-coming developments in genetics, as well as some great wins from the last couple years

40:00 Closing remarks

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