The Genetics Podcast

EP 132: From mammoths to genome editing, trailblazing genetics with Dr. George Church

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Episode notes

0:00 Introduction

1:00 George’s upcoming big projects, including developing full recycling, renewing energy, creating bioweather maps, and harnessing citizen science

6:45 Progress in engineering viral resistance in humans, including thoughts from pre- and post- pandemic

11:00 A swapped genetic code that prevents viral infections and gene transfer by manipulating tRNAs

13:45 George’s guiding principles for his personal and professional life

20:15 Tinkering with unknowns and complex systems: gene drives, germline genetic engineering, and bringing back extinct species

29:40 George’s creative process and how he became a prolific innovator

36:00 Debunking the science behind Jurassic Park, and the potential of bringing back the mammoth

41:30 George’s decision to make his medical information, including his genome, open source 

48:00 Societal views on genome editing, embryos, and germline mutations

54:00 Closing remarks

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