The Genetics Podcast

EP 133: Insights into pharmacogenomics and increasing diversity in genomics research with Dr. Emma Magavern

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Episode notes

0:00 Introduction

2:00 The value of an English Literature degree in designing and analysing research studies in medicine

3:45 Emma’s entrance to pharmacogenomics and her transition from practising physician to genetics research

6:00 How the East London Genes and Health program is increasing representation of diverse populations, namely South Asians, in genomics research

9:00 The scale of data available from linking electronic health data to research

11:15 The unclear bidirectional relationship between statins and cataracts

17:00 A potentially protective gene factor that can reduce the likelihood of cataracts in those who take statins

22:15 Striving for global, diverse representation in pharmacogenomics research

26:40 The risk of amyloid-related imaging abnormalities (ARIA) for a relatively new Alzheimer’s disease drug, and implications for future drug development

29:15 How pharmacogenomics fits into medicine and healthcare systems 

31:30 The challenges of incorporating preventive care into existing healthcare systems

34:00 Building trust as a cornerstone of healthcare, community medicine, and research

39:00 Community views on pharmacogenomics

40:15 Closing remarks

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