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EP 138: Personalised medicine using microbiome models with Dr. Almut Heinken

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Episode notes

0:00 Introduction

1:45 Almut’s research experience, including two recent publications on genome-scale metabolic reconstruction human microorganisms

8:00 Implications for personalised medicine and drug discovery using microorganisms in colorectal cancer, inflammatory bowel disease, ulcerative colitis, and more

14:30 Using metabolite and microbiome models to predict the effectiveness of medications

18:00 Differences in microbial communities between various ethnicities, nationalities, and races

24:00 Understanding microbiome community models with the goal of informing drug discovery 

26:30 The interplay between diet, the microbiome, and nervous system

28:00 How to use predictive models to understand the diet-microbiome relationship

36:00 Upcoming projects studying the gut microbiome and epigenetics

38:30 Comparing a vaginal birth to a caesarean section on the child’s microbial immunity

40:00 Explaining the cause of heterogeneous differences in monogenic diseases

45:00 Closing remarks

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