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Support Local- Paula Wensley

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Episode notes

Don't Mind If We Do is all for supporting women in business and local is even better!! Follow our mini Support Local series where we feature a short episode on different amazing Local Business women!! Learn about what is available on the island and what ladies are up to- kicking ass and taking names! 

This episode we chat with Paula Wensley - Realtor Extraordinaire!! If you are looking to sell your house or buy something new, she IS the woman to chat with!! She is personable, knowledgeable and has her clients best interests at heart! 

You can find Paula here:

Email: [email protected]


Listen and let us know what you think! Please share this episode with your friends and help spread the word for your local, amazing realtor!! 

Thanks for tuning in and can't wait for the next one where we chat with Carmel Ecker and learn about all those little gremlins in your head.......