Don't Mind If We Do / Women In Trades- PT 2 with Ashley Adams, Electrician

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Episode notes

Episode 28 is all about Women In Trades, joined with Ashley Adams who is an electrician and soon to be instructor at Camosun College here in Victoria, BC! We had so much fun for this episode and we were so excited to have Ashley as our very first IN PERSON guest on the show!! 

All together, we sampled Elephant Island's Love Child- half cider half wine!! So delicious- make sure to check it out at in the Naramata Valley! One of Chelsea's favs! 


Ashley talks about some of the ups and downs of being a female in a male dominated trade and is all for female empowerment and seeing more ladies in the trades! From following in her dad's footsteps to leading the way for future females in trades- Ashley is a force to be reckoned with. Oh plus she is in a very awesome band! Here is the link to check out one of their songs!


More about Ashley Adams:

Ashley Adams is a Red Seal FSR Master Electrician with well over a decade experience in the trade. She has recently shifted roles in her career moving from a service manager position to becoming an electrical instructor at Camosun College. Inspiring the next generation of men and women to become successful in the trade is aligned with her purpose in the industry. She is a passionate self taught musician currently working on an album with her band 'the happy failure' due for release in early 2022.


Thanks for listening! xoxo Robin and Chelsea