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EP 34- Being Present, Mindset & Manifesting w/ special guest Lizzy Parsons

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Episode notes

We are back!! And by we- I mean me! I'm back! Super excited about this week's episode with the lovely Lizzy Parsons, owner of Heaven, the Spa on the Rock and The Aligned She.E.O.

*We sampled today a delicious Pink Grapefruit Gin Seltzer out of Port Coquitlam! Highly Recommend! 

Lizzy and I met 4 years ago and hit it off right away- partially because we are both 6'1! But also because she is awesome and so easy to chat with. 

This episode is FULL of goodies. Here are a few things you will hear when you listen:

*What Lights You Up?

*Live In Your Own Joy

*Find What Brings You Joy

*It's Always A Choice To Refrain From Negative Thoughts

*MANIFEST What You Want For Your Life And Business- Because that shit works!! 

Here is a TIMEHOP for all the parts you won't want to miss:

(this is new so let me know if it's helpful!)

-Owning Your Life 7:15

-Setting Time To Meditate and HOW 19:55


-5 Steps 27:32

-Recap of the 5 steps 40:39

Here's how you can find Lizzy:

ig: @alignedshe.e.o


Thanks again for listening and hope you enjoyed the episode!! 

Xoxo Chelsea

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