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EP 38- PTSD, You Tube and Boats- We cover it all

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Episode notes

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This week I have my friend Janis Carmena joining to share a bit about what it's like living with PTSD ( if you are a first responder and struggling with this- make sure to look into for support). Janis has been a Police Officer for 18 years, so you can imagine the stories and events she has been through in this career path. She shares with us some of those experiences. 

She also bought a massive boat and became a you tuber. This woman is on fire! We met years ago at an Ewomen Network event. She's awesome but don't just take my word for it, listen to the episode to hear more! 

Her you tube channel is so make sure to go check it out and follow their boat life adventures!  

Today we sampled nothing since Janis brought her steeped tea from Timmies haha until next time......

Thanks for listening xoxo Chelsea