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Shallow Hal (ft. Bromance Podcast) - Please Don't Show Me Your Swords

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Episode notes

On this very special episode of DORC, we're joined by the dynamic duo Boka and Garrett from Bromance Podcast to talk about one of the most hated movies, Shallow Hal. But let's be honest, this is on everyone's most hated list. 

This movie tries to portray itself as being body positive and yet..... it's just a bunch of generic fat jokes and women should be this or that, over and over for 90 minutes. And you expect us to believe that these basic dudes with mutton chops and windbreakers are pulling 10's at the club?? GTFO.  2001 did not need this movie.

Also at one point Boka snuck in an ad without us knowing. He's truly an iconic ad reader.  We also learned about Garrett's future business idea of ball- scented candles smelling of mahogany and freedom. Cause, why not? They'd make great Christmas guests for relatives and close friends. 

Want to jump to ratings? We gotchu boo. 

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