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18: How Food Choices Impact Success for this American Idol Star | William Hung

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This is an episode unlike any other...because today’s celebrity guest is pretty new to the plant-based scene. You’re gonna love getting a taste of what it’s like for this bachelor to navigate the twists and turns of choosing foods that align with what he values, and his journey has only just begun.

After his American Idol audition, William Hung’s rendition of “She Bangs” became famous around the world! But, for all the wrong reasons. 

Despite a rather humbling start, William redeemed himself. He has since appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! and The Ellen DeGeneres Show and even performed live with Ricky Martin in Las Vegas.

Today, William is the author of the book Champion by Choice, and he helps purpose-driven business owners uncover their unique message and leverage it through public speaking to sell out their stages, webinars, and live streams. 

In this chat, we talk about

  • How William sees what he eats as a determining factor to his success and performance in his business
  • Why his health is the biggest motivator for change, and what inspired him to start thinking differently about his food choices (and I’m really excited for you to hear about that!)
  • How he manages to maintain about an 80% healthy plant-based diet today when he doesn’t cook at home

And, he shares his vision of a plant-based future, PLUS some valuable wisdom from one aspiring vegan to another.

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